Cabela and Schmitt Puts a Fresh Spin on Popular Rock Song ‘Beautiful’

It’s a short story about a man who remembers a phone call from a dear friend who always shared her loving friendship and support with others in beautiful ways but would not reveal the source of her own pain.

This is a pop spin on the original indie rock composition.

Cabela and Schmitt 

Music Genre: Pop
Vibe: Fun, party
Located in: Fountain, Colorado
Sounds like: Bruno Mars, Coldplay, Imagine Dragons

Hoping to leave a legacy of music that will continue to resonate with people for generations to come, Cabela & Schmitt Project’s music continues to manifest a profound expression of love, blending Rock, Country, Pop, R&B, folk, Christian, and easy listening music.

Cabela & Schmitt features the inspiring Rock trio which consists of Rich Cabela and Wayne Schmitt and Tom Schmitt.

Together, the artists have embarked on a musical journey that spans over four decades, creating a memorable soundscape that resonates deeply with life’s unique faces and experiences.

For the artists, their music begins with scattered thoughts and random musings on existence, much like anyone else’s.  But then, Cabela & Schmitt Project’s unique gift comes into play.

Drawing inspiration from icons such as The Beatles and The Eagles, the trio aims to paint their own unique canvas of music.

“YOU MAY NEVER KNOW” has garnered an impressive 1M streams on Spotify.  

Cabela & Schmitt Project continues to be set apart by the artists’ ability to transcend genres.

Their scintillating new single, “All Alone,” a tale of one young man’s lonely adventure. has climbed to #1 on New Music Weekly (NMW) Top40 Indie Music Singles Chart, and to #1 on National Radio Hits (NRH) AC40 Chart (Adult Contemporary).

Cabela & Schmitt Project have achieved a remarkable feat, amassing over 14 million streams on Spotify in 2023 alone.

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