Tanner Boyle’s New Single ‘Headphones’ by Ybor City Records

Tanner Boyle’s ‘Headphones’ is a smooth and lush song that exemplifies his artistry and potential as an emerging talent in the music industry. With each release, Boyle continues to impress audiences with his distinctive sound and captivating performances. Keep an eye out for more from this promising artist on the rise.

Emerging Artists to Watch Out For

Indie music is all about experimentation and exploration, and this summer’s indie scene is no exception. Fans can expect to hear a mix of different sounds and styles, ranging from lo-fi to high-energy indie rock, as artists push the boundaries of what indie music can be. Some standout artists to look out for include these indie artists leading the AVA Live Radio TW Music Chart.

A Guide to the Trending Summer Music Arrivals of 2023

As the warm sun rays finally touch our skin, and the days become longer, we can’t help but feel the excitement of summer creeping in. With summer comes vibrant music that lifts our moods and sets the tone for the season ahead. In this playlist, we will explore the trending summer music of 2023, from soft and sentimental tunes to upbeat tracks that make us want to dance.

The Best Emo Rock Music Coming back for 2023

Retro-Inspired Sounds are making a Rock Music Comeback

Everything old is new again in the world of rock music. From ‘80s-inspired synth-pop to ‘90s-era hip-hop beats, retro sounds are making a major comeback. This is especially true in the Rock genre. 90% of the tracks we are considering for our shows are inspired heavily by the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.