The Best HipHop Songs of April 2023

HipHop’s future is bright and full of potential as artists continue to push their boundaries and be more innovate in their music style and productions. 

As Hip hop continues to grow and attract new listeners, we can expect to see even more experimentation from the fusion of different genres to the use of new technologies, the possibilities seem endless. 

With Ai technology causing a massive upheaval it will be interesting to see how the independent artists navigate through the technology. 

Here are some predictions for the future of HipHop:

  • Increased use of artificial intelligence in music creation and production
  • Greater collaboration between international artists, bridging cultural divides
  • Continued growth of new streaming platforms, leading to more independent artists being discovered by curators seeking new sounds.
  • Emphasis on social activism and political themes in lyrics
  • Greater focus on mental health and self-care both on and off stage
  • More experimentation with combining different subgenres within HipHop
  • Continued expansion of regional sounds and scenes, giving rise to new voices and perspectives

As HipHop continues to evolve and push boundaries, we aim to bring to light those ultra talented creators leading the pack. 

Here are some of the most exciting new talent in HipHop this month:

Golden Animal – Black Roses : 

Golden Animal is an artist to watch in Hiphop for 2023. 

Pompano Beach Florida hip hop artist Golden Animal has a fresh single out that plays with power and purpose. ‘Black Roses’ creeps into your ear with soulful tones against a moody piano riff and heavy lyrics. The artist speaks with conviction and focus demonstrating strength. A nice spin on this style is his use of pace that sits outside the norm for the hiphop genre. This is a brilliant writer with great heart and passion. I love his use of descriptions in rhythm and the vocal timing is excellent. 

“Run from you” by Kaden Frost

Music Genre: Hiphop/rnb
Vibe: Smooth
Located in: Utah
Sounds like: Logic
Kaden Frost’s ‘Run from you’ offers an easy flow with excellent vocal clarity. His R&B vibe layering hiphop over an acoustic guitar production is simply unique. This track stands out in a crowded genre filled with power tracks and hype. I found it refreshing and important to the genre showing that things can be done in different ways. This is a very creative hip hop song. Way to think outside the box. 

Elijah Daun – Lost in Translation

Genre: Alternative Hip-Hop
Moods: Energetic
Similar artists: Kaytranada Anderson .Paak Tyler, the Creator
Release date: Apr 12, 2023

Get ready to strut up because this artist has a swanky groove and serious rap talent. I love how his melodies vibe with the arrangement. It’s such creative spin.  This song is about a past relationship where the communication was so awry that it caused multiple issues to the point it ended the relationship. 

Elijah Daun is a young music artist from Connersville, IN who refuses to believe in limits. Their love for music naturally collides with their love for cinema. If you asked them to describe their genre the Indiana-based artist would just smile and say, “Fiction. It’s don’t like to define myself by any genre because I strive to make whatever I like. What I really enjoy is storytelling through music. Not about my life, necessarily, but some story I’ve made up in my head or from a movie or show I’ve seen or a book or poem I’m writing. It’s just how I like to express my creativity.”

GoGettaz –  Rich Off Pain

Music Genre: Hip-hop
Vibe: Cool, Mello Flow, relaxing at the same time exciting.
Located in: Albany NY
Sounds like: Meek Mill , Lil Durk, Fabolous
This is our first official single which we are very excited about, we felt that this song is best for our first impression to the world cause it doesn’t give people the impression that is the only kind of music you’ll get from us, we are very versatile and have all type of hip hop music and rap/r&b type music as well. 

Don Drago. – Paradise Ft Bezz Believe & Nawlage

Music Genre: Hip-hop, Tropical, Pop-rap
Vibe: Fun, Happy, Tropical
Located in: Tampa FL
Sounds like: Flo rida, Pitbull
Release date: Friday April 28th

Look out because there’s a fresh Summer Sizzler about to hit the Hottest new releases. Coming out of Tampa Florida, Paradise Ft Bezz Believe & Nawlage by Don Drago is a serious Tropical Pop Rap Jam.  This song just sounds like summer and brings all the good positive energy you would expect from a Summer hit. Don Drago is clearly bringing his a game here on this release and aiming high to collect all the gold. Visit the artist on Spotify

Welcome To Boston by Brett Will 

A high powered anthem. The Boston Bruins of the NHL hired this artist to make their official playoff anthem. The single features all of the players names, with live drums, horns and some guitar. This artist has been a favorite this month among music curators…. “This artist shows real potential as an inspirational creator in his field.” – Indie Music Spin

Rated R by Soufside Swing

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