Hard hitting alternative Ontario rock band Strange Times Summer Smash “Time Stands Still”

Strange Times is a hard hitting alternative rock band from Sarnia, Ontario. The band’s influences range from old school Motown all the way to more modern, heavy rock/punk artists. This wide range of music comes across in their writing style, giving them a unique yet familiar sound. Whether you like heavy breakdowns, funky interludes, or soulful melodies there is something for everyone in the Strange Times catalogue.

The chemistry between members is very apparent as most of them have been playing together since early high school. The group has played with notable Canadian acts such as Sloan, Trooper and Eric Ethridge. Playing with this caliber of musicianship has given Strange Times something to work towards. Their debut single “Goin’ Out Back” was released on June 29th, 2023 and has since received lots of good feedback locally. The next steps for the band will be broadening their audience through networking with other bands around the province and continuing to record music with their talented team of engineers/producers out of London, Ontario. Stay tuned for new Strange Times content and follow them on socials!

“This is a nice mix of rock and Pop appealing to a wide audience in todays music landscape. Still has that cool factor with excellent catchy rhythms and vocals. Love the guitars and drums” – Jacqueline Jax