Deaf Andrews: Exploring the Magic Energy of Indie Rock

Deaf Andrews brings a refreshing energy to the indie rock scene with their latest single, “Phone Line,” and their debut album, “Saturday On Saturn.” The band’s commitment to capturing the magic energy of their live performances shines through their music, creating an engaging and authentic experience for listeners.

‘Eulogy’ by Modern Day Outlaw takes on the topic of suicide

‘Eulogy’ by Modern Day Outlaw takes the very close to home topic of suicide and the everyday struggles that we all face. When you do your best, but sometimes its still not enough. No one is immune to disappointment and hardship, when you are at the end of your rope and are looking for answers, where can you draw strength to move on. 

Rocker Greg Hoy: A Candid Reflection on Modern Society

Greg Hoy’s music stands out for its honest lyricism, infectious energy, and ability to address pressing societal issues. From his candid reflections on modern society in *Yay For Effort* to his collaborations with renowned music figures, Hoy continues to captivate audiences with his talent and versatility.