Idle Lane find Freedom in New single ‘Choices’

We made a conscious effort to step up our production for this song (and the next 3 singles). We feel its our best work so far, and below is the story of the song and its meaning.

“You’ve got some choices now” was a line that a counsellor said to Pat in rehab. For whatever reason it always stuck with him. He wrote ‘Choices’ a few years ago now, not long after he moved back to Victoria. He had a rough few years in Vancouver and he had reached this point in this life where he realized he had to abandon everything he knew and go back to square one. And with that came a sense of freedom. He was grateful for the wreckage of his late teenage years because in a way he had gotten this sickness out of his system and he learned that what he was looking for, he’ll never find. Not in the places he was looking. This song’s about wearing yourself down to a breaking point and coming out the other side with the rest of your life ahead of you. Rock bottom sets you free. 

We recorded the basic track at a local studio in our hometown of Victoria BC, and recorded guitar overdubs at our apartment.