The Next Gen is Now: The Best New R&B Artists to Watch in 2023

Jyshoun – #imwitcha

Jyshoun – #imwitcha is melting that smooth R&B sound with an incredible vocal range and a modern flow mixed with some traditional pop arrangements. This artist is seriously bringing class and style to the genre and leaves me feeling excited about his future. Not only does he have vocal talent, he’s got the rhythm of artists like The Weeknd, Bruno Mars and Frank Ocean.  (Listen)

“Not done” by v3x – D34D

One of the best examples of this is the Indie Billie mic niche that has emerged after the success of Billie Eilish. This singer/songwriter has been able to capitalize on the growing popularity of indie music by creating catchy songs that are easy on the ear and there’s an entire genre now composed around that sound.  (Listen)


STARDUST is a song about a woman in a “situationship” with a man and she’s starting to develop feelings for him, assuming that he does not feel the same way so she says goodbye. The vocals are laid back with a flowing soulful vibe supported by layers of music with both modern and traditional R&B influences. The song has a nice follow through and demonstrates a nice strength for this producer in the genre.  (Listen)