Indietronica Brings Life to Summer Music Trending for 2023

Indietronica Brings Life to Summer Music Trending for 2023

The Rise of Indietronica Music Trends for 2023

We are already a quarter of the way through 2023 and industry experts are predicting a rise in the popularity of a new genre: Indietronica

What is Indietronica

This genre combines indie and electronic music to create a unique sound that has been gaining traction in recent years. With its blend of acoustic instruments and digital production techniques, Indietronica appeals to a wide variety of listeners. 

Some notable artists in this genre include M83CHVRCHES, and LCD Soundsystem. It will be exciting to see what new talent emerges and how Indietronica continues to evolve in the coming years.

Potential Growth of Indietronica in the Music Industry

Many consider Indietronica to be a fling to the music industry but I already see it turning up in music festivals. 

As the popularity of Indietronica continues to grow, we can expect to see more festivals and concerts dedicated to this genre. It’s possible that we will see collaborations between Indietronica artists and more mainstream artists, further expanding its reach. IndietronicaOrg is a good resource for this kind of music. 

I also found an informative post here. 


Discover the most groundbreaking and influential collaborations in electronic music history, from Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams’ “Get Lucky” to Underworld and Iggy Pop’s “Bells & Circles.” Explore the creative possibilities of cross-genre collaborations and their impact on electronic music’s evolution.

How Indietronica Music Trends effect culture 

Here are some ways Indietronica Music Trends can affect culture:

  • A shift in musical preferences
    As Indietronica Music Trends gain popularity, people’s musical preferences can change. This can influence the types of music played on the radio, at clubs, and at music festivals.
  • Influence on fashion and style
    The popularity of certain types of music can also have an impact on fashion and style. Indietronica Music Trends may inspire people to try new looks or adopt certain clothing styles.
  • Impact on social movements 
    Music has historically played a role in social movements, and Indietronica Music Trends can be no exception. Artists may use their music to comment on social or political issues, and their fans will be influenced in this way.It’s likely that the fashion industry will take notice of this emerging trend, and we can expect to see Indietronica-inspired fashion hitting the runways in the near future with powerful cultural messages attached. 

Overall, in my view of this fun sub-genre, Indietronica is poised for significant growth in the music industry in 2023 with bands like Monotronic leading the way, and it will be exciting to see where this genre goes in the coming years.. 

Indietronica Bands you need to hear

indietronica (music) A musical genre combining elements of indie, electronica, rock, and pop music.

Monotronic – Kids of Summer

Music Genre: Indie, Indietronica
Vibe: upbeat, energetic, catchy beat and lyrics, summer song


One band that I’m really impressed with is a NYC-based Indietronica band called, Monotronic. They are doing incredible things with visuals to tell a bigger story of their music. Their latest music video for “Kids of Summer’ features the bands dog Snookie riding a skateboard. The music video itself is filled with exciting and fun summer visuals. It’s a smash box hit both musically and visually for summer 2023.

The music they are creating is upbeat, energetic with a catchy beat and infectious lyrics. It’s easy to sing along with and the melody sticks with you quickly. Monotronic’s is a band to watch in 2023. I think they are going to surprise and delight us with every music release. I already can’t wait for the next one.

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