The Best Indie Rock Bands Discovered in May 2023

If you love indie rock music as much as we do, you’ll love browsing our list of the best Indie Bands we’ve hear this month of May 2023.

To survive in rock n roll today, Indie bands need a particular set of skills to survive the tough and demanding music terrain. Today there are thousands of new bands trying to enter the music scene but only a few will truly stand out.

It’s not easy to make it in the music industry, but with dedication and talent, anything is possible. So keep an eye out for these up-and-coming indie rock bands.

Rock Rising Playlist

Featured highlights in rock

Die Tired – Better Off Alive

Music Genre: Alternative Rock ~ Pop-Punk Anthemic

Pennsylvania Alt Rockers Die Tired drops a powerful message about mental health and suicide awareness with BETTER OFF ALIVE Single & Video with SODEH Records!

Fight the bad thoughts in your mind and let the riffs and lyrics of “Better Off Alive” help you break away and open discussions about the serious topics of mental health and suicide prevention. “Better Off Alive is about raising awareness of these serious concerns in our society and highlighting the available resources in our communities to those in need,” explains bassist Jim Lee.

Anton Johansen – where in the world is carmen sandiego?

Emerging from Sydney’s avrilwave, alanisbeat and post-buttcore scenes, Anton Johansen and his band have crash-landed to provide relief from neo-grunge quote-unquote “sentimentality” (pee-yew!) and take buttrock to new and exciting places. “Where in the world is carmen sandiego?” is a theme song Anton wrote on spec for the 2019 Netflix reboot of “Carmen Sandiego.” While the track unfortunately didn’t make it onto the show, the song lives on in the form of this hot single 🙂

63 Deluxe – Sunshine

Sunshine is waking up and smelling the roses, wherever your life has taken you to remember to look into the sunshine of life. “Sunshine” is whatever radiates to you, a pretty girls smile, a green forest, actual sunshine. Life is short, look for sunshine.

Bonfire Tide – Every Terrible Thing

Bonfire Tide return with the stadium ready single ‘Every Terrible Thing’. Having returned to the fray with folk-rock fusion track The Old Boys, Manchester indie group Bonfire Tide are back with a new single that shows another side to their sound. Intense, cinematic and exciting, Every Terrible Thing is that single. Releases May 11, 2023.