New Single ‘Touch It’ by Sonnyb. is a fun Jiggy Hip-hop Vibe

Sonnyb. – Touch It is a Jiggy Hip-hop Vibe you can really get on the wave with.

Located in Dallas-Fort Worth this artist is heating Texas up with his unique combination of different types of rap. From simple trap style delivery in some lines, to backpacker-esque lyricism. 

Sonnyb.’s style is a perfect balance of old school and new school hip-hop. He effortlessly switches up his flows and delivery to create a dynamic sound that keeps listeners engaged from start to finish. His latest release “Touch It” is a perfect example of this, with its catchy hooks and infectious beat. If you’re a fan of hip-hop, you need to check out Sonnyb. and his music. This artist has a unique style and shows a promising future in this area of hiphop. 

Music Review by Jacqueline Jax

“Touch It” is a song about knowing you’re dope, and knowing that people wanna switch up and come around whenever you’re up. It’s a jiggy bop and a catchy hook and lines that’ll grip ya. I (Sonnyb.) have been making music for a long time and I’m really coming into the sounds that suit me. I’m living for what I love and doing what I can to make this music happen. I just want to make music that people can listen to and let people know it’s okay to be yourself in however way you want as long as you’re not walking on anybody else.

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