‘Finish What You Started’ by Sugar Nova is Electronic-Pop Bliss

‘Finish What You Started’ by Sugar Nova is a passionate track with a cool rhythmic percussion and addicting blend of disco meets electronic pop. Wanting to more fully explore an indie electronic-pop sound, Luke Miller (from the band Lotus) and Denver-based singer Rachel Eisenstat dove into creating Sugar Nova. 

With a sweetness that’s sugary the vocals on these new releases is heavenly to listen to. They are enjoyable through and through. Rachel Eisenstat (vocalist) never misses a step utilizing her skills to reach beautiful ranges while Luke Miller displays his talent for instrumentation with brilliant exciting layers.

Featured on the Top 20 indie electronic chart 


About the Creation Process

Luke and Rachel previously collaborated on tracks with Lotus and Luke the Knife. But wanting to more fully explore an indie electronic-pop sound, they dove into creating Sugar Nova. Mixing electronic production and live instruments, a unique sound emerged. Dreamy sounds with polished arrangements and evocative vocals float through the project. Halogen was recorded at Evergroove Studio and Miller’s home studio in Colorado. The album was mixed and mastered by Rob Murray (ODESZA, Sia, Mark Ronson), giving the tracks a hi-end sheen and low-end thump. Tim Philpott contributes funky bass on Send Me Higher and Incense & Clover.  

About Sugar Nova

Pairing a musician from an electronic jamband with an indie-rock singer isn’t an obvious match. But Sugar Nova, a new duo from Denver, sound like neither of those on their debut release. Although they have previously worked together on a song for Lotus and a track for Luke’s DJ project Luke the Knife, Sugar Nova is something wholly different. Focused on catchy vocal-forward electronic tracks that defy easy genre classification, the Denver-based duo offers soulful vocals and pop-oriented beats. With arrangements that nod to Indie-Dance, Nu-Disco, Dance/Electronica, Dream Pop, and Chillwave, Sugar Nova doesn’t shy away from mining deep lyrical themes while keeping your body moving to the beat.

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