Beautiful Things: Ethereal Rock with a Message

Los Angeles ethereal rock band Beautiful Things is back with an exciting new summer single titled ‘Bowing Down’. Drawing influences from bands like The Cranberries, The Cult, and Peter Murphy, Beautiful Things delivers a unique sound that captivates listeners with its dreamy melodies and bold sonic landscapes. In this blog post, we delve into the background of Beautiful Things and explore the themes behind their latest single.

The Journey of Beautiful Things

Originally from Tucson, AZ, singer-songwriter Dina D’Alessandro made the decision to move to Los Angeles in the early 2000s. Her motivation was clear – to collaborate with exceptional musicians and create music that pays homage to the alternative rock sounds of the 80s, which hold a special place in her heart. After the success of two solo albums, Dina formed Beautiful Things, a collective of talented musicians she had encountered during her musical journey.

A Love for Sonic Landscapes

One of the defining characteristics of Beautiful Things is their deep love and appreciation for bold sonic landscapes and dreamy melodies. While their music shows glimpses of influence from iconic alt-pop figures like Kate Bush and Peter Murphy, it is Dina’s profoundly personal songwriting that truly sets the band apart. Their music has been described by critics as “pure pop-rock heaven”, a testament to the captivating nature of their sound.

‘Bowing Down’: A Message of Empowerment

The new single ‘Bowing Down’ takes a deep dive into societal dynamics, exploring themes of manipulation, exploitation, and the abuse of power inflicted upon the general public. Beautiful Things uses their music as a platform to shed light on these issues and spark conversations that challenge the status quo. Through their thought-provoking lyrics and captivating melodies, they encourage listeners to question authority and stand up for themselves.

Beautiful Things is a Los Angeles ethereal rock band that combines dreamy melodies with bold sonic landscapes. Led by singer-songwriter Dina D’Alessandro, the band draws inspiration from the alternative rock sounds of the 80s while infusing their music with a touch of their own unique style. With their new single ‘Bowing Down’, Beautiful Things tackles important societal themes, urging listeners to question the abuse of power and find their own empowerment. Stay tuned for more captivating music from this talented collective.