Eluozo’s New Single ‘City Lights’  Celebrates the Beauty of Lagos

We are excited to announce the release of Nigerian singer-songwriter and music producer Eluozo’s new single, ‘City Lights’ which celebrates the beauty of Lagos. 

The Inspiration Behind the Single

Eluozo’s new single is a tribute to the stunning city of Lagos. In the song, he compares the city’s beauty to that of a beautiful woman. However, he does not mention anyone’s name or the city’s name, making the song more internationally appealing. Lagos is known for its bustling streets, vibrant culture, and stunning skyline, and Eluozo’s single captures the essence of this dynamic metropolis.


Eluozo is a talented musician with a passion for creating music that is both fun and intuitive. He began playing the keyboard at a young age and grew up listening to RnB and Afro Beats music. These two genres heavily influence his style of music, which is a unique blend of African rhythms, soulful melodies, and catchy hooks.

The Creative Process

Eluozo is known for his creative approach to making music. He spends hours in the studio experimenting with different sounds, beats, and melodies, and draws inspiration from a wide range of sources, including his own personal experiences and the world around him. His goal is to create music that is both uplifting and relatable, and to connect with his fans on a deeper level.

Eluozo’s new single is a celebration of the beauty of Lagos, and a testament to his passion for creating unique and uplifting music. We invite you to listen to the single and experience the vibrant energy of this stunning Nigerian city. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to sharing more of Eluozo’s music with you in the future.