“Correlations Part Five” by Njordlyd: A Moody and Dark Track

Music is one of the most expressive forms of art, and it can take us on a journey to different places and emotions. Njordlyd is a creator of experimental, dark, and industrial ambient soundscapes, and the track “Correlations Part Five” is a perfect example of his unique style and the beauty it wonderment to listeners. As you explore the EP “Correlations” focus on the last track, which closes off the EP with a more moody and slightly darker tone to it, but with the influence of nature still present or intact. 

Exploring “Correlations Part Five”

The track starts with the indistinct and fuzzy chatter in the background, which gives the impression that something is about to happen. The sounds of nature are present, but there is also a feeling of unease. People holding on to something, but at the same time trying to adjust, to change. Slowly it gets more frantic, more determined. Something to overcome. As the track progresses, the sense of unease turns into a feeling of empowerment, and the listener is left with a sense of accomplishment. 

The Person Behind the Music

Njordlyd is an artist who creates music that is a reflection of his emotions, mood, and ideas. When creating music, he lets the sounds control him until a certain point, where it all turns, and he naturally takes over the control. For him, creating music is a way of expressing who he is and where he can be himself. 

In conclusion, “Correlations Part Five” is a moody and dark track that takes the listener on a journey of emotions. Njordlyd’s unique style and approach to music create an experience that is both engaging and informative. If you enjoy experimental and ambient soundscapes, we highly recommend checking out the EP “Correlations” and experiencing the journey for yourself.