Summer Rhumba: A Cool Latin Jazz Soundtrack for Your Summer

Charles Unger brings us a breath of cool Latin rhythm that sweeps in from the shore. The alto clarinet sings a melody and everyone gets up to dance. Summer Rhumba is the culmination of Charles’ sterling career that has spanned four decades, playing jazz and Latin music for captivated audiences. Give this one a listen and take a closer look at this record that can reach more than one audience with its quality production and talented music arrangements.

The Vibe

Summer Rhumba is all about cool, laid-back grooves. The album takes inspiration from Latin jazz, bringing together a mix of genres to create a unique sound. If you’re a fan of artists like David Sanborn, Sergio Mendes, Dave Koz, and Kenny G, then this album is a must-listen. It captures the essence of summer with a relaxing, dreamy sound that’s perfect for unwinding.

If you’re looking for a cool soundtrack for your summer, then look no further than Charles Unger’s Summer Rhumba. With its quality production, talented music arrangements, and easy summer vibes, this album is sure to please. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or enjoying a sunset on the beach, Summer Rhumba is the perfect accompaniment to your summer adventures.

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