‘Take the Time’ by Flavio is a powerful pop mood song

It’s never too late to dream!


‘Take the Time’ by Flavio is a powerful Pop/Upbeat mood song. 

As a kid, I had this dream of singing on stage in front of thousands of people and a few years ago, I thought that becoming a singer, an artist, was only for others.

Utopia? Perhaps! It can never be achieved alone, and that’s why I need you! Boosted by an entourage who believes in me and my abilities, my wife and my son who are and will always be my first fans, I decide to sign up for different song competitions. Despite several failures, I persevere and find myself, at the end of 2019, propelled to the final of the Swiss Voice Tour Season 6, final that will have been postponed in February 2022, Covid 19 oblige! 

The dream is finally drawn on the pages of my reality, beautiful bright colors that restore my faith in my abilities as a singer/performer. I then decide to register for The Voice Portugal Season 9, 2021. A few round trips to pass the castings, then a friend announces that I am taken for blind auditions! 

I can’t believe my eyes, nor my ears for that matter! A televised adventure broadcast to millions of viewers! Magical! This adventure ends with a live bonus on the national and international channel RTP! A pure moment of emotion… In 2021, I also have the honour of joining the musical troupe Victoria’s Comedy, written and directed by Jocelyne Martenet and Christelle Riesle who offer me one of the main roles. During the final of the Swiss Voice Tour, I find myself on stage in Live with a burning audience and this was an experience that I dream of repeating as soon as possible. Relentlessly, I started writing and composing original songs telling this journey and these dreams that become reality. 

This is my journey!