Gabby Durden: A Journey of Music and Empowerment

Gabby Durden, formerly known as LeTigress in the esports world, has embarked on a new chapter in her life as an emo rap singer-songwriter. With a dedication to music that stems from personal tragedy, Gabby uses her powerful lyrics to address mental health, overcome challenges, and empower herself and her fans. In this blog post, we will explore Gabby’s journey, her unique sound, and her latest single, ‘Empire.’

From Esports to Music: A Transformation

Gabby Durden’s career in the esports industry was groundbreaking. As the first-ever woman play-by-play commentator on the League of Legends Championship Series, she made waves and gained a fandom of millions. However, a devastating loss – the suicide of her mother – changed the course of Gabby’s life. This tragedy pushed her towards music as a means of escape and self-expression.

A Voice for the Underrepresented

Gabby Durden’s transition from LeTigress to her true self has not only brought forth a new name, but also a new purpose. She now uses her platform to share her own stories instead of focusing solely on highlighting the stories of others. Through her music, she tackles issues of mental health, trauma, and self-empowerment. Additionally, she fearlessly confronts the sexist and racist biases she experienced in the gaming industry, standing up to her haters and spreading her message of equality.

The Healing Power of Music

Gabby firmly believes in the healing force of music. Having used music as an escape since she was young, she understands the emotional connection it can create. With each lyric she writes, she aims to provide her fans with the emotional support they deserve. Gabby’s music is a testament to her own journey of healing and serves as a source of inspiration for others facing similar struggles.

‘Empire’: A Higher Energy Anthem

‘Empire’ is Gabby Durden’s fifth single and the first release since her EP: PROJECT // AWAKENING. With this track, she wanted to create a higher energy and inspiring experience for her listeners. Drawing from her pop and alternative rock influences, Gabby seamlessly fuses these genres to craft a unique sound that captivates her audience.