Finding Solace in Music: The Therapy of “With Time”

A power to heal and transform is brilliantly captured by Njordlyd in his new single “With Time” from the upcoming album “The absence of noise.” Delve into the world of Njordlyd and explore how “With Time” serves as a therapeutic escape for both the artist and the listeners.

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The Healing Power of Music

“With Time,” the main track of this single, serves as a profound journey of self-discovery and introspection. It is an ode to the artist’s personal growth and acceptance. Through this musical creation, Njordlyd has found solace, a temporary peace of mind amidst the disturbances and turbulence of life. Music has transcended from a mere hobby and passion into a therapeutic avenue for emotional release.

Finding Refuge in Sound

Like a hidden sanctuary, Njordlyd’s music takes us to a “special hiding place,” a metaphorical “treehouse” where we can escape the chaos of our thoughts and find respite. “With Time” is an exploration of emotions, a search for something elusive or a way to retreat from the pressures of life. It immerses listeners in a sonic landscape that amplifies their senses, evoking a heightened state of awareness and introspection.

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Njordlyd is a creator of experimental, dark and industrial ambient soundscapes.

“When creating music, I let the sounds, ideas, mood, and current inspiration control me until a certain point, where it all turns, and I naturally take over the control.”

“Creating music is when I feel I am who I am and where I can be who I am”

I started listening to music when I was around 11 and have been directly involved with music since 1991, where I was involved in several underground music projects, collaborations and releases. The period from 1998 and until the end of 2014 was a phase of self-discovery, where I was absorbed in the process of music creation, learning and focused on defining my sound.

Njordlyd’s musical journey begins with a spark of inspiration

With precision and finesse, Njordlyd takes over, transforming the musical journey into an unparalleled experience. He carefully navigates through the soundscape, manipulating frequencies and textures, invoking a range of emotions. The listener becomes enveloped in a kaleidoscope of auditory sensations, the music resonating deep within their core.

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