The Soulful and Meditative Music of Spruce Ritual with Lucian Kano Balmer 

Lucian Kano Balmer is a multi-talented musician who is known for his soulful and meditative music. His compositions are often described as “raga-infused” and his main group, Spruce Ritual with Lucian Kano Balmer, is a testament to his musical prowess. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Lucian’s background, his musical influences, and his current focus.

Lucian Kano Balmer

Lucian Kano Balmer s a violinist, vocalist, and composer, who performs original compositions often described as “raga-infused.” Lucian’s musical journey wasn’t a typical one. Instead of going to a conservatory, he decided to study with Indian guru Sri Chinmoy. In the 13 years that he spent with Chinmoy, he memorized and performed over 4000 songs in Bengali and Sanskrit. This experience had a significant influence on both his personal life and his music.

Musical Influences

Lucian’s musical influences are diverse. He has studied vocals with renowned Hindustani vocalist, Shweta Jhaveri, and instrumental music with Bruce Hamm, a senior disciple of Ali Akbhar Khan. He has also performed with award-winning guitarist Shambhu and sarod player Lisa Sangita Moskow. His current focus is Spruce Ritual with Lucian Kano Balmer, but he also spends time working on works for solo violin and violin and tabla.

Spruce Ritual with Lucian Kano Balmer

Spruce Ritual with Lucian Kano Balmer is a unique musical group that consists of vocals, violin, viola, cello, sitar, tabla, and tabla taranga. The deep, soulful, and meditative quality of their music is widely praised. Lucian uses his violin and exquisite voice to demonstrate the spiritual power of music for healing and reviving the soul.

Begin Again

In early 2015, Lucian wrote a melody and outlined a piece in an hour while sitting in a café with his now-wife. This melody was the beginning of a new relationship as well as what would become his album Begin Again. The album carries the buoyant energy of new beginnings and showcases Lucian’s musical prowess.

Lucian Kano Balmer is a musician who has carved a unique path in the world of music. His diverse musical influences, his time with Indian guru Sri Chinmoy, and his current focus on Spruce Ritual with Lucian Kano Balmer have all contributed to his unique style of music. His music is not only engaging but also meditative and soulful, showcasing the spiritual power of music.