Hold the world in your hands: A captivating fusion of genres by 44 Ardent

Australian producer 44 Ardent has recently released a new track called ‘Hold the world in your hands’, which promises to be a captivating addition to the artist’s discography. 

44 Ardent –  Hold the world in your hands
Music Genre: Indie-Dance/Indie-House
Vibe: chill, uplifting
Located in: Brisbane, Australia
Sounds like: Tourist, Bonobo, Caribou

‘Hold the world in your hands’ by Australian producer 44 Ardent is a combination of a light indie dance feel with a house beat and uplifting tone creating a vibrant and energetic atmosphere.

This is an electronic creation that evokes a reflective summer vibe suggests that 44 Ardent has skillfully crafted a track that captures a specific mood and transports listeners to a sunny and carefree setting.

Releasing multiple singles throughout the year indicates that 44 Ardent is actively engaged in his musical journey and eager to share his creativity with the world. It’s always exciting to see artists consistently releasing new music, providing their fans with fresh sounds and experiences.

With its genre-blending elements and uplifting tone, ‘Hold the world in your hands’ by 44 Ardent promises to be a captivating addition to the artist’s discography. Best of luck to 44 Ardent and their upcoming releases on Mammal Sounds Records!

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