Westside’ by TheHonorableJay seems to draw inspiration from conversations

What a captivating concept for a song! ‘Westside’ by TheHonorableJay seems to draw inspiration from personal experiences and conversations, combining elements of R&B and Hip-Hop with a chill vibe. 

The contrast between the desire for dating and the dedication to work creates an intriguing theme that will be very relatable. It resonates well with an audience. 

Music Review by Jacqueline Jax 

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TheHonorableJay – Westside
Music Genre: R&B Hip-Hop
Vibe: Relaxed chill
Located in: ST. Augustine Fl
Sounds like: Drake Future Tory Lanz

My Single Westside is a chill vibe summer and spring song to vibe too. I’m from the Westside of my city that’s where the name came from. And the lyrics were inspired by a conversation I’ve had with women because they want to date but I’m addicted to the grind of working. And Second verse was bigging up TX women as that’s were I’ve been living for sometime. So I wanted to give them some luv. And the West Coast. The strings represent the West Coast. As a truck driver I’ve driven all thru there and there is nothing more beautiful than the West Coast to me. So the Westside hook is for them as well.

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