“Extremes” EP by Finds Gold: A Journey Through Bipolar Disorder

Finds Gold, a rising artist in the music industry, is set to release his new EP “Extremes” on May 22nd, 2023. This EP takes listeners on a journey through the artist’s personal struggle with bipolar disorder. Through his music, Finds Gold hopes to break down the stigma surrounding mental illness and encourage others to open up about their struggles.

Exploring the Highs and Lows

The songs on the “Extremes” EP take listeners on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, exploring the highs and lows that come with living with bipolar disorder. Each track tells a different story of the artist’s experience with this mental illness. Some tracks portray the euphoria of mania, while others delve into the crushing depths of depression. Through his music, Finds Gold gives listeners a glimpse into what it’s like to live with bipolar disorder and the impact it can have on one’s life.

I found the music to be exciting and well reflective of the artists struggle. The music is brilliantly infused with both trends and elegant classic sounds that transcend genres. It’s an amazing way to tell a full story of a struggle and I think this artist will strike a chord with many in this world who suffer in silence. 

Few contemporary artists excite me the way that this project does. The R&B/Soul evokes the 80s with a synth-pop style that is exhilarating with a unique modern twist. Of course, I do find this Ep to be more modern than a nostalgia act and I can see this is the start of a big bright career. 

Moving forward I would love to see this artist put out a podcast episode on each of the tracks outlining the thought process, music production and giving music fans that added insight into the artist. I think it would be engaging and memorable bringing a futuristic element to the marketing of the music for this year. 

Breaking Down Barriers

Finds Gold hopes that by sharing his story through music, he can help create a greater understanding of mental illness and encourage others to seek help when they need it. He believes that by breaking down the barriers that prevent us from talking openly about mental health, we can create a more compassionate and supportive society for those living with these challenges.

The “Extremes” EP by Finds Gold is not only a musical masterpiece but also an important contribution to the ongoing conversation about mental health. By sharing his personal journey with bipolar disorder, Finds Gold is breaking down the stigma surrounding mental illness and encouraging others to do the same. This EP is not to be missed and is sure to leave a lasting impact on anyone who listens.