LA-based Rapper Hendy is about to Cement His Place in HipHop with New EP

When a hiphop artist has an eloquent flow and a sound that challenges the norm it’s always exciting to see them rise. 

Hendy is a LA-based rapper, singer, and producer whose sound is composed of catchy anthems and introspective, conscious lyricism. I see this artist as one of those rare talents that has managed to stay true to himself while producing music that resonates with a global audience. 

The thing that really stood out for me was his ability to be dynamic while honest and authentic. After listening to this single and watching the video I believe Hendy is poised to tackled themes of race and politics in a way that few artists have attempted before. 

There have been powerful lyricists in HipHop music and one things always rings true. When you pair a unique style and thought-provoking lyrics with good timing and consistency, an artist like Hendy can cement his place in the history of hiphop. Let’s watch him closely to see what he does next. 

Music Review by Jacqueline Jax

Hendy’s sophomore EP “A Change of Scenery”

‘What You’d Like To See’ serves as the 4th release off of Hendy’s sophomore EP “A Change of Scenery”. Melodically, this song utilizes much darker tones with cunning, sharp verses and powerful choruses that glide over a powerful 808 and bouncy instrumental.

The lyrical content complements the darker sonic tones as Hendy utilizes gritty lyricism that challenge the ‘cookie cutter’ position in rap that he is often painted in as a white rapper. The high-end music video was picked up by YouTube VEVO and recently added to their ‘West Coast Hip-Hop’ playlist.

Hendy is a LA-based rapper, singer, and producer who’s sound is composed of catchy anthems and introspective, conscious lyricism. Currently, he is releasing his sophomore E.P. “A Change of Scenery” one song at a time with lead singles ‘Like That’ and ‘I Don’t Mind’ garnering thousands of streams across all platforms. This unique rollout will wrap in the later part of 2023 with a total of 5 releases, all accompanied with a well-crafted music video and accompanying social rollout.

His eloquent flow, unfiltered lyricism, and melodious singing creates a refreshing sound that challenges the norm of mainstream hip-hop and rap. Although he is still in the early stages of his musical career, Hendy looks to show people that his intelligent word play and dynamic songwriting will make him a name to remember down the line.

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