Cabela and Schmitt’s Newest Single ‘So Good’

Cabela and Schmitt is a songwriting team that has handwritten hundreds of songs in various genres over the course of their long career. They have brought inspiration to many of their music fans all over the world. Some of their most popular songs include “Eyes Wide Open”, “One and Only First”, and “Gonna Be”. 

Eyes Wide Open’ by Cabela and Schmitt is a Fun Summer Single

Many people are afraid of what others think about them, and this prevents them from living their life in the way that brings them happiness and fulfillment. But when we’re not living authentically, we’re not being true to ourselves. Finding your happiness may start with defining a set of standards for yourself, but everyone has different values and morals so there is no one “right” way or any universal truths that apply to everyone. Your set of standards needs to come from your values and should be based on things that make you feel the most inspired to start your day.

Cabela and Schmitt  ONE AND ONLY FIRST: 

‘One and Only First’ from Cabela and Schmitt is a relatable song that reminds you of that cherished feeling most people will recognize in themselves.

‘GONNA BE’ By Cabela And Schmitt Finds Strength And Balance In Nature

There isn’t anything as effective as the power of suggestion. I think we have all been in that place where we struggled with our self confidence and felt a bit hopeless.  ‘GONNA BE’ by Cabela and Schmitt takes what we know about natures positive energy and rolls it into a powerful reminder for life. This message encourages you to absorb the surroundings of nature and use those examples to find your own strength and balance. Be as strong and tall as a mountain, make friends like birds in the trees and become a river full of goodness.

The team continues to write and produce music to this day, and their devoted fan base eagerly awaits new releases every month. Their creative and unique style has seen their songs played across radio stations in over 49 countries. 

‘So Good’ by Songwriting team Cabela and Schmitt 

The latest single, ‘So Good’ by Songwriting team Cabela and Schmitt celebrates that special someone in your life who makes you feel so fantastic just by being around them. Lucky is a man or woman who has had one or two of these moments. The atmosphere around them makes you want to tell the whole world about it. This ultra catchy tune has a dreamy sound that will get caught in your head.

Cabela and Schmitt  New Memorable Single ‘Music of Life’

Music of Life by Cabela & Schmitt is a memorable single about lifes journey. Music of Life’s verses, bridge, and chorus were all separate ideas that I was playing with.  After much lyrical help from Wayne and Rich, the chorus and the whole idea of not wanting to lose the feeling of a memorable song came together.  Next, the verses came together using examples of memorable tidbits from life.  We don’t want to lose the great memories!

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