‘Fears for a Smile’ by Cabela and Schmitt is Choosing Happiness

In their latest release, ‘Fears for a Smile’, Cabela and Schmitt deliver an upbeat pop rock groove that draws inspiration from the likes of The Cars and Bruce Springsteen. This simple yet powerful song delves into the struggles we face when making choices and the influence external factors can have on our decisions. In this blog post, we will explore the deeper meaning behind the lyrics and how we can learn to overcome our fears and embrace a life filled with happiness.

The Tug of War Between the Eyes and the Heart

“We see with our eyes, and feel with our hearts, and often those two things don’t agree.” These words from ‘Fears for a Smile’ resonate with anyone who has ever faced a difficult decision. It’s easy to be swayed by external circumstances or other people’s opinions, but true happiness lies in taking responsibility for our own choices. Cabela and Schmitt remind us to cast away our fears and allow ourselves to be loved by others, enabling us to reciprocate that love. Ultimately, embracing our autonomy leads to a life full of joy, aligning with the desires of a higher power.

The Journey of Musical Mastery

For the band members of Cabela and Schmitt, the desire to master a musical instrument began during their schooldays. However, they have come to realize that true mastery is an elusive concept. Instead, they have discovered that it’s about understanding their own capabilities and embracing the constant growth that comes with it. Their inspiration comes from one another and the myriad of experiences life presents to them. While music was their primary influence during their formative years, today, they find inspiration in every facet of life. They’ve learned the importance of listening to the guidance provided by a higher power and moving forward with their hearts and souls at the forefront.

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