Get ready for Summer with Bret Ryder’s ‘Summer Breeze’ Smash Single

Bret Ryder ‘Summer Breeze‘ captures the essence of everyone’s favorite season with a catchy hook, upbeat lyrics and an addictive beat, making it the perfect addition to any playlist. This feel-good track will have listeners craving the carefree days of summer lovin’, soaking up the sun, or drinking a margarita while chillin’ on a unicorn float. It doesn’t matter what kind of music you like, there’s something about this song that appeals to everyone. 

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Brett Ryder is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist whose original melodies draw inspiration from the likes of Chris Cornell, Layne Staley, Mac Miller, Bruno Mars, Anderson Paak and Harry Styles. Although these great musicians all might be from different genres, they all have influence to Brett’s sound which blends infectious pop euphoria with soulful funk grooves and a rocker edge.

Performing on stages since he was 9 years old, Brett’s covers range from classic rock (think Bad Company), to grunge (think Alice in Chains) to alternative (think Incubus) to pop (think Ed Sheeran). His original music is crafted especially for live performances and not using pre-recorded tracks. Brett strives for a more authentic connection between the music and the audience.

Despite his young age, Brett has been playing festivals, events, restaurants, bars and private events for many years and there is nothing he enjoys more than connecting with the audience and singing tunes that engage the crowd.

I Love Myself was his debut single, followed by the newly released Come Along. His third single, Summer Breeze, is due to drop in early May. 

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