‘History Repeats itself’ by 29MCK Brings a Powerful Message to the World

‘History Repeats itself’ is more than just a song. It’s a message that needs to be heard and understood. The song’s powerful lyrics serve as a reminder that we need to confront our past to create a better future. While it may be uncomfortable to acknowledge the harsh realities of history, it’s necessary. So, let’s embrace our true selves, confront the truth, and strive for a better future.

Born on the shores of the frozen tundra of Elephant Island, 29MCK is a constant traveler and has multiple residencies in the United States and Viking countries, once hailed best artist out of Antarctica, Deuce Nine of 29MCK decided to write about his experience in the states and help elevate the minds of those who are broken or left behind from a society that seeks unnatural living and a standard that has lost its way. 

Oh how our human race can be… History Repeats Itself is a glimpse of what I see, a glimpse of what no one may want to accept but I’d rather real and hated in this place than fake as shit, all along, lying to your face.”

Featured on the Ground breaking hiphop playlist