‘Love in the City’ by Wiltshire Alan Garmonsway captures the essence of a relationship

‘Love in the City’ by Wiltshire Alan Garmonsway is a heartfelt single that tells the story of a young couple who found joy in each other’s company despite their modest circumstances.

The song captures the essence of their relationship, which was filled with excitement and the vibrant atmosphere of the city streets they frequented. As time passed, they drifted apart, but whenever they returned to the city, the memories of their youthful love would resurface, leaving them wondering if they could recapture that magic.

The song draws inspiration from the nostalgic associations many people have with specific cities such as London, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, and New York. These cities hold personal significance for the songwriter, evoking memories of love and excitement. Alan aimed to recreate that city feel in the music and lyrics of ‘Love in the City’, taking cues from the early Bruce Hornsby and the Range sound, which prominently featured piano and electric guitar working in harmony.

In addition to the musical composition, Alan collaborated with Jacqueline Jax of AVA Live Radio for the cover art of the single. Jacqueline, known for her colorful abstract cityscapes and delicate artwork, graciously offered her paintings to complement the song. Alan has had a longstanding partnership with Jacqueline, working together on various successful music promotions in the past.

As a musician based in the UK, Alan has an extensive repertoire of songs and music that he has written, recorded, and produced. He is a multi-instrumentalist, proficient in playing keys, guitars, bass, and percussion. Many of his recordings feature him playing all the instruments and providing vocals. Alan strives to create a natural vibe in his music, which has earned him recognition. He has been listed in the Top Ten by the World Songwriting Awards eight times across different songs and categories.

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