Watch the video for Pop Star GRIPPA’s New Single Crash

Watch the video for Pop Star GRIPPA's New Single Crash

Music Genre: POP
Located in: Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Sounds like: Melanie Martinez

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Watch the video for Pop Star GRIPPA’s New Single Crash. With a beautiful fragile vocal committed to inspiring her audience with fierce lyrics and strong imagery, GRIPPA adds her unique perspective on growing up for a generation accustomed to the stranger things in life.

While images of tiny plastic babies and bean cans may populate her aesthetic, underneath the veneer is a desire for the exploration of hard truths, made explicit throughout her lyrics.

That’s the duelling nature of GRIPPA, a force that can both revel in the random chaos of youth and also transform the ordinary into the unexpected.

“Beans,” her first release, is a story of pushing forward through heartbreak and a lesson on how to escape from the purgatory of unrequited love.

“It’s for the weak” shares GRIPPA (sort of kidding but not really) who hopes that her music will inspire those who hear it to embrace their own unique voice.

From this wacky world of neon lights, hilarious memes and edgy attitude, GRIPPA carries on the legacy of bold female artists such as Lady Gaga and Doja Cat, who can rattle your musical perception with a single note while still very much enjoying themselves as real people and not pedestaled divas.

Born out of weird core, musical theater and non-bubblegum pop, the seventeen-year-old pop artist dropped her final single “Crash” along with her debut EP “IS THAT HER?” on March 31st, 2023. New music from GRIPPA is coming in early May with her new album’s first release “LUST FOR LIFE”.

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