A Country Rock Journey by Cabela & Schmitt on new Single ‘This is My Life’

In the realm of country rock music, there’s a song that captures the essence of the songwriter’s life. It sings of the places they’ve been, the love they have for their hometown, their imperfect yet cherished possessions, and the gratitude they feel for their family. Let’s explore the captivating country rock song ‘ This is my Life’ that resonates with the true experiences of its creator.

A Melodic Snapshot of ‘This is My Life’

“This is My Life,” is a country rock gem encapsulating the essence of the songwriter’s journey. With influences from renowned artists like Alan Jackson and Tim McGraw, the song delivers a melody that instantly hooks listeners and lyrics that brim with personality. The well-produced Nashville-style instrumentals only enhance the emotional impact of this masterpiece.

The Storytellers: Cabela & Schmitt

Behind the magic of this song are three talented musicians—Rich Cabela on guitar and keyboards, Wayne Schmitt on guitar and keyboards, and Tom Schmitt on bass guitar and keyboards. With over 40 years of collaboration, they have honed their craft and found their unique voice to express their views, beliefs, and emotions. For Cabela & Schmitt, music is their chosen medium to communicate with the world.

Living in Harmony

The song paints a vivid picture of the songwriter’s life—a life that harmonizes with the soul of country rock. They know the world intimately, having traveled to various places, but they find solace and contentment in the place they call home. Among their possessions is a well-worn Chevy pickup, bearing the visible marks of a life well-lived. They tend to a vegetable garden, finding joy in the simple act of nurturing and growth.

“This is My Life” is more than just a country rock song—it’s a heartfelt expression of a songwriter’s journey through life. Through captivating melodies and relatable lyrics, Cabela & Schmitt have crafted a piece that takes listeners on a musical voyage. From their personal experiences, they bring forth a story that resonates with the audience, painting a picture of gratitude, perseverance, and the nuances of human emotions. So, sit back, hit play, and let yourself be transported into the captivating world of “This is My Life.”