The Newest Pop Stars of 2023 are Showing Off Their Unique Styles

The Newest Pop Stars of 2023 are Showing Off Their Unique Styles

The newest pop stars of 2023 are showing off their unique styles, as they rise to fame in the music industry. 

In the past years pop music was dominated by a few big names, but now a new generation is taking over. Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, and Shawn Mendes have all paved the way for these fresh faces to enter the scene. Some of the rising stars include:

  • Valentina Cherico – Teach Me How To Love Again 
  • John Gallen – Je M’en Fous
  • André Molina – JEALOUS

Each of these artists has their own unique style, and fans are loving it. With more and more fresh talent emerging, 2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year in pop music.

The trends pushing these Pop music artists to popular heights are:

  • Collaborations with hip hop artists
  • Social media promotion and engagement with fans
  • Gender-fluid fashion choices
  • Incorporating live instrumentation into pop music
  • Embracing diverse cultural influences
  • Experimenting with unique vocal styles and production techniques

Fans can’t get enough of these boundary-pushing artists, and the world is eagerly anticipating their next moves. Stay tuned for more from the newest pop stars of 2023!

Here are some of the rising stars to watch out for:


Music Genre: POP
Located in: Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Sounds like: Melanie Martinez

From this wacky world of neon lights, hilarious memes and edgy attitude, GRIPPA carries on the legacy of bold female artists such as Lady Gaga and Doja Cat, who can rattle your musical perception with a single note while still very much enjoying themselves as real people and not pedestaled divas.

Born out of weird core, musical theater and non-bubblegum pop, the seventeen-year-old pop artist dropped her final single “Crash” along with her debut EP “IS THAT HER?” on March 31st, 2023. New music from GRIPPA is coming in early May with her new album’s first release “LUST FOR LIFE”.

GRIPPA adds her unique perspective on growing up for a generation accustomed to the stranger things in life. While images of tiny plastic babies and bean cans may populate her aesthetic, underneath the veneer is a desire for the exploration of hard truths, made explicit throughout her lyrics. That’s the duelling nature of GRIPPA, a force that can both revel in the random chaos of youth and also transform the ordinary into the unexpected.

Valentina Cherico – Teach Me How To Love Again 

Music Genre: Pop Ballad
Vibe: Sad Dramatic
Located in: Pittsburgh PA

Teach Me How To Love Again” is a spectacular expression of a woman’s struggle with heartbreak.  Valentina Cherico’s range is fantastic with warm tones and an sweeping vocal that draws you into the song.

The instrumentation approaches the subject with a delicate progression of soft melodies evolving into a more palatial feel with spacious effects and affectionate support vocals. I adore how the instruments seem to cry behind the singer with empathy. This effective use of sound is brilliant. 

Valentina Cherico sounds powerful yet celestial tackling the theme in a unique way. As many vocalist choose a more fragile perspective, Valentina’s voice is strong and filled with passion while maintaining just enough ethereal cadence to offer the listener diversity. 

The song is sung with passion and intensity disclosing her skills and ability to tackle a big song with ease. I love the way she sung this song. This is a vibrant singer with so much to offer. 


Release date: Apr 08, 2023 
Genre: Commercial, Adult Contemporary
Other: Bedroom / Lo-fi Pop

Get ready to hear a voice that will stop you in your tracks. Kid Travis has a fresh sweet sound with modern music productions and plenty of good positive energy. 

With solid melodic indie punk/trap undertones, Kid Travis sings a wide variety of styles of music with over 150 million streams on Spotify. Kid Travis has an active YouTube Channel with over 480k Subscribers & 60k on instagram where he posts both original music/ visuals as well as covers which have been recognized by artists such as Post Malone, Bryson Tiller, Rich Brian, and Dominic Fike. Kid Travis is not subject to one genre. Music is his passion.This singer-songwriter-producer has gifts to share with the world.

John Gallen – Je M’en Fous

JE M’EN FOUS (which translates to English as ‘I don’t give a fuck’) is John’s recollection of meeting a courtesan with an addiction on Rue de Roi Victoire in Paris.  What started as an offer of services instead became a discussion on how and why she had ended up on the streets of Paris from India. This is why John included Indian bells in the percussion.  John tried to assist her, but she had a chosen path.  He last saw her in the church of Ēglise Saint-Merry walking in circles up and down the aisles. 

Singers who can hold a melody are two-a-penny but few can actually live out a song, tell a story through them, put the listener in the shoes of someone else. That was John’s aim with his debut album “1970s”, which went No.1 Independent and No.5 Official in Ireland in 2022.  “1970s” has been nominated as debut album of the year in Ireland by Hot Press Magazine.  

“JE M’EN FOUS” is the latest release from that album.

New single release 2023

André Molina returns with a new single, “JEALOUS

Release date : may 10 ~ André Molina returns with a new single, “JEALOUS,” a sultry indie pop song about young love’s toxic tendencies. The NJ based songwriter romanticizes a toxic (unfit) relationship and throws gasoline into the fire to keep it “fun” and exciting. Smooth and seductive vocal delivery accompanied with harmonies both haunting and beautiful courses throughout the song while the dark and moody production presents an atmosphere filled with spite and obsession that’s disguised as “love”. Both bitter and sweet elements provide contrast and tells a story about falling into patterns and unhealthy behaviors while young and in-love. Mastered by platinum and Grammy nominated engineer, Ryan Schwabe. Distributed under 300 Ent.’s Sparta Distribution.

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