The Birth of Jesus Christ: A Musical Journey

In our own unique ways, we all have our interpretations of the story of the birth of Jesus Christ, but through the lens of the Cabela & Schmitt Project, they invite us to imagine the birth of Jesus and eagerly anticipate His return. With their captivating song “Come Jesus Come,” the artists skillfully blend various genres to create a powerful and engaging musical experience.

The Music of Cabela & Schmitt Project

Cabela & Schmitt, is a rock trio that consists of Rich Cabela and Wayne Schmitt on guitar and keyboards, with Tom Schmitt complementing them on bass guitar and keyboards. Their music is a seamless fusion of rock, country, pop, R&B, folk, Christian, and easy-listening genres. With 10 albums, 3 EPs, and numerous singles in their discography, the duo aims to leave a lasting legacy of music that resonates with generations to come.

A Profound Expression of Love

With every note they strike and every lyric they sing, Cabela & Schmitt Project seeks to manifest a profound expression of love through their music. Their songs are not merely random musings but the result of transforming scattered thoughts into melodies and chaotic emotions into meaningful verses. Their music serves as a channel for messages that they share with their audiences, driven by an unwavering passion for creating music.

Inspirations and Unique Sound

Inspired by legendary bands like The Beatles and The Eagles, Cabela & Schmitt Project paint their own unique and captivating canvas of music. Their ability to transcend genres sets them apart, captivating listeners from all walks of life. Their music reflects the complexity of human experiences, offering stories, emotions, and glimpses of life itself in every song.

Remarkable Success and Bright Future

Cabela & Schmitt Project’s music has not gone unnoticed. Their track, “THIS IS MY LIFE,” has charted at 53 on the Spin Tracking System Hot 100 charts, while “YOU MAY NEVER KNOW” has amassed an impressive 836K streams on Spotify. In 2022 alone, the duo has garnered over 6 million streams on the platform. With each success, the artists are motivated to continue producing more music that pushes boundaries and introduces exciting remixes and original tracks to their expanding fanbase.