The Emergence of Mark Lajoie with ‘ You Need Love ‘

A Journey Towards Musical Authenticity

Mark Lajoie, a long-time member of the Christian rock band Living Waters, has been instrumental in their success since the 1970s. For the past 14 years, he has led the band’s online presence and music caretaking. However, in the past year, Mark has embarked on a personal musical journey to develop his own unique musical identity while still honouring the roots of Living Waters. 

Embracing Individuality

Mark’s musical persona is deeply intertwined with what made Living Waters successful, yet he strives to showcase his own distinct style and perspective. His previous release, “A Stand of Courage,” is a testament to his individuality and showcases his growth as a songwriter. In addition to his work with Living Waters, Mark has also been involved in running choirs, singing meditation songs, and using music as a teaching tool. Now, he feels a strong calling to reach a wider audience with his own songwriting and unique musical approach with a new release called, ‘You Need Love’. 

Overcoming Challenges

With limited resources, Mark has managed to create his music using various ad hoc methods and tools. Despite these challenges, he has miraculously presented an authentic expression of himself and the Good News. When Mike heard the first demo of his song, he commented, “Now that sounds like classic Mark Lajoie.” While Mark had some assistance from Mike and Greg for the present version, he hopes to work on more studio-level recordings in the future.

The Song: “You Need Love”

Mark’s single, “You Need Love,” tackles the theme of isolation in our digitally-driven world. It highlights the prevalent sense of loss and the search for meaning in self-centered pleasures, pride, and anger. The singer passionately directs the tragically lost towards the ultimate answer to life’s meaning – a genuine relationship with our Creator. The song emphasizes the importance of committing to love fully and experiencing true reality, particularly within the context of family. Its message is rooted in the belief that our help comes from the Lord, the embodiment of love, residing in the heart of Jesus. Rather than being forceful or overly accommodating to sin, this poignant call shines with genuine and urgent love, offering hope to those in need and pointing towards the promise of heaven.

Mark Lajoie’s emergence as a solo artist comes at a significant time. 

His music not only showcases his growth and individuality but also aims to reach a world desperately in need of its powerful message. As he embarks on this new chapter in his musical journey, Mark’s genuine and urgent love shines through in every note, offering hope and guiding lost souls towards a deeper connection with their Creator.