Austin Favorite Donovan Keith releases New Single ‘Lover’s Question’

Known as the man who never stops moving, Donovan Keith is recognized for his classic soul vocals and infectious showmanship that has won over audiences time and time again. 

Midwestern born and raised, Donovan moved to Austin in 2009 and cut his teeth in gritty, low-ceiling dive bars with his first project, Soul Track Mind. His one-of-a-kind, dance-infused stage show became beloved by fans and acknowledged by reviewers across the country. 

The trajectory continued with official selections at SXSW, the attainment of the Louisiana Music Prize, and appearances at Utopia Festival and Viva Big Bend. Recently Donovan has been making a name for himself as a solo artist in Austin, having been nominated as a notable emerging artist by Black Fret in 2018 and regularly commanding stages around Texas.

Donovan’s captivating performances and genre-blending music have solidified his reputation as a rising star in the Austin music scene. With a style that effortlessly combines elements of soul, funk, and rock, he continues to mesmerize audiences with his distinct sound and dynamic stage presence. 

His solo career has been marked by accolades, including nominations for notable emerging artist awards and sharing the stage with popular acts including Enrique Iglesias, Tower Of Power, and Erykah Badu. His frequent headlining performances at various music festivals and venues across Texas have made him a fan favorite.

Donovan’s passion for music and unwavering dedication to his craft continue to propel him towards greater success in the industry.