‘Eulogy’ by Modern Day Outlaw takes on the topic of suicide

‘Eulogy’ by Modern Day Outlaw takes the very close to home topic of suicide and the everyday struggles that we all face. When you do your best, but sometimes its still not enough. No one is immune to disappointment and hardship, when you are at the end of your rope and are looking for answers, where can you draw strength to move on. 

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Modern Day Outlaw is the brainchild of Founding members Ron Brown and Sergio Cesario. Having grown up together and being around the same group musicians the two started by gathering with friends to occasionally play music. Eventually music was written and they realized that they had a unique sound that had to be heard and Modern Day Outlaw was formed. Fusing metal influences with Southern grooves the group set out to create a new sound. Fast forward to 2012 and Modern Day Outlaw released their first full length album “Southern State of Mind” which featured the title track “Southern State of Mind” and “Whiskey”. Instantly fans and industry took notice that something new was in the horizon. Following the release of their full length and a steady stream of shows and promotion MDO set back into the studio with the help of Matt LaPlant(Nonpoint) to record their follow up. With a new direction and sheer determination the “Day of Reckoning” was completed and released in 2017. “Day Of Reckoning” not only turned many heads, but also built a solid MDO following throughout the world. Now a few years later and pandemic aside they headed back to the studio to expand on their musical journey. With fresh new ideas the band tapped Matt LaPlant once again to produce their new Ep entitled “Through The Gates of Hell”. The first single “Broken Man” off this new effort is set to be released in July of 2022 with music to follow. Stayed tuned for new music by your favorite Outlaws!

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Modern Day Outlaw
New Release: Eulogy
Music Genre: Rock
Vibe: Dark, emotional, redemption
Located in: South Florida
Sounds like: Metallica

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Twitter: moderndayoutla1