Watch the Video ‘Angels by the Ocean’ by Darius Marquis

“Angels by the Ocean” is a soul rock single by Darius Marquis. He created this song as a tribute to his grandfather and godfather who he lost just 3 months apart. The song was recorded on the same day that it was written and performed by Marquis himself. 

As a musician, he was inspired by Prince’s music. The song has a deep emotional value and stands as a testament to the power of love and loss. With its soulful lyrics and powerful beat, this song is sure to tug at your heartstrings.. 

A songwriter is expected to put their heart and soul into their music in order for it to resonate. This is evident in Marquis’ work, and “Angels by the Ocean” is no exception. The lyrics reflect on the pain of losing loved ones and the hope for their peaceful rest. Listening to the track I found the song itself to be a very moving testament to his love for them. “Angels by the Ocean” is a must-listen for anyone who has experienced the pain of loss and understands the power that music has to heal.. 

Through music like this artist is creating, we can heal just by listening. That’s how powerful good music is in our lives. So be sure to check out his other singles and albums, and let the music support you by resonating with your journey and struggles. 

Music Review by Jacqueline Jax

Darius Marquis Kendrick

Darius Marquis Kendrick (born March 4th, 1999) is an American musician, producer, and artist from Houston, Texas. He performs R&B/Soul, Gospel, Hip-Hop, Retro-Pop, and Rock. At the age of 7, he played drums for his uncle’s church.

A keyboard was given to him at the age of 8 and he taught himself how to play the piano by ear. After finishing Middle School band, he continued to refine his skills by studying music theory. 

His main instrument is piano, but has conquered Drums, Organ, all percussive instruments, Lead and Bass Guitar. A 23-year-old, he became the Music Director of his local church. He has produced music with many Houston-Area artists including DJ Donnie Houston. 

He has accompanied artists such as Karen Clark-Sheard, Vicke Yohe, Zacardi Cortez, Kathy Burrell, Bishop Joseph Walker III, Rhonda Mclemore, and countless other talented singers, preachers/musicians have been accompanied by him.

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