Hip hop Single 3:33 AM by Shane Cokeley is an Introspective Journey on love, loss and loneliness

The hip hop single 3:33 AM by Shane Cokeley is the 3rd track from a 16 song introspective album titled ‘Cokeley’ after the artist. The project was inspired by the loss of his grandmother. 

The album ‘Cokeley’ is a mix of hip-hop, indie rock, and pop. Essentially the single ‘3:33 AM’ is about carnal desire painted with a moody beat and haunting lyrics. The song starts with the artist’s low-fi effect setting the mood. The beat kicks in with an expressive rap vocal picking up the pace with a solid rhythmic percussion. 

Shane’s introspective lyrics paint a picture of loneliness, guilt and desire while exploring themes on love, loss, and self-discovery. The track is a perfect example of Shane’s ability to blend genres seamlessly while holding true to his hiphop roots. Overall, it’s a must-listen for music lovers who enjoy reflective and experimental music.

The album art is beautiful with a moody theme that mimic the flow of the album. A blend of violet and Indigo represent this project nicely layered over deep tree roots diving below the earth while an eve like face offers an apple to perhaps represent temptation and desire. There are symbols supporting the story within the songs such as a key black and blood red roses and a black raven. The border of the art is filled with different textures from hand written notes to aged paper and patterns similar to vintage wall paper that may ping memories for this artist from his childhood. 

I found this entire project to be very creative filled with unique ideas that keep you engaged in the music and storyline. This is an artist to watch in 2023 as this is a powerful project showing huge potential for a successful career in music moving forward.

Music Review by Jacqueline Jax

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