Dave Molter’s Moody Blues Rock Single ‘Do You Want To?’ a paradigm of cool

Dave Molter’s Moody Rock Single ‘Do You Want To?’ is the perfect example of that rugged blues-driven guitar work paired with soul touching resonating lyrics that are synonymous with Dave’s musical style. 

He’s in touch with a different sector of the cosmos that we know nothing about but he takes us for a ride on his magic carpet and we are lucky to be there. 

American rock group Dave Molter is known for that gritty workman sound that embrace of its Pittsburgh roots. The chord progressions and musician skills are distinctive. 

Dave Molter has once again proven his musical prowess with the single ‘Do You Want To?’. This track is a must-listen for anyone who loves rock music.

“This tune started out in the vein of Wings’s “Helen Wheels,” but it turned into a Deep Purple groove, and Al’s distorted organ along with George Marcinko’s great guitar really add to that atmosphere.”

How does a band that aligns so well with Southern rock and the urban cowboy archetype outlast the trends and become a paradigm of cool for the likes of indie music fans? Perhaps it’s just Dave’s destiny, with contemporaries such as Deep Purple who pioneered modern hard rock.

From the opening notes to the final chorus, the single will take you on a journey that you won’t forget. So, go ahead and give it a listen, it’s worth your time!

Music Review by Jacqueline Jax

Dave Molter – Do You Want To?
Music Genre: Rock
Vibe: Upbeat
Located in: Pittsburgh, PA
Sounds like: Various artists: This tune, Deep Purple.

Notes from the Artist

This song sprung from another snatch of melody with lyrics that appeared out of nowhere — not in a dream this time, but just during the day.

“Do you want to be my baby, do you want to be my girl?”

I thought it was silly, but it kept nagging me. I came up with the first verse, and the song turned into a travelogue. Come on baby,  let’s go around the world together!

My producer, Al Snyder, wrote a great chorus that makes it a love song: “No matter where we are, baby, you’re my home.”

It was pretty easy for me to pick travelogue destinations: India, China, Istanbul, Paris. For the chorus, Al suggested “L.A. to Rome.” But I wanted the distance traveled to be greater.  What I really wanted to pick was the southernmost point of South America and somewhere up in the Arctic Circle.

But Ushuaia, Argentina and Longyearbyen on the polar archipelago of Svalbard don’t rhyme. So I picked Capetown, South Africa and Nome, Alaska. 

Dave Molter 

An accomplished veteran of the Pittsburgh, Midwest and East Coast music scenes since 1965, Dave Molter counts The Beatles as his primary influence.

“Approaching End of Usable Life,” is Dave’s second full-length CD. The title track debuted at #1 on Radio Candy Radio in Los Angeles in December 2021.  “All the Answers,” the second single from “Usable Life” — a duet with Annemarie Picerno — debuted at #1 in March on Banks Radio Australia. 

Like Dave’s previous work, “Usable Life” is a mix of styles and influences, from the Who-like hard rock title track to Beatlesque ballads. It was recorded at Albey Road Studio in Pittsburgh with Al Snyder as producer as well as co-writer and keyboards player (www.alsnydermusic.com)

Dave was named Male Vocalist of the Year for the “Useable Life” album by podcaster Michael J.  Mand of OWWR Radio in New York.

Dave was a finalist in the USA Male Vocalist of the Year category for the 2022 International Singer Songwriter Association (ISSA) Awards.  “It Was You,” Dave’s previous CD, was a finalist for Album of the Year at the 2021 ISSA Awards, and the title track was also nominated as Pop/Contemporary Male Song of the Year at the 7th Annual Josie Music Awards in Nashville. The CD is a compendium of styles, from Sixties power pop to country and contemporary rock. The album has produced 4 #1 indie radio hits.

“Foolish Heart,” Dave’s debut EP, produced four No. 1 singles since its release in September 2019. Dave’s followup, “Oh Woman, Don’t You Cry,” also debuted at #1 in the UK three days after its release in December 2019.  The title track was nominated for Single of the Year for the 6th Annual Josie Music Awards

Says Dave: “I’m still blown away by the response from listeners to my music! I’ve heard from fans and deejays all over the world, and it’s gratifying to know that we share a common belief in the power of love expressed through music. 

“John Lennon said it best in 1967: ‘All you need is love!” I still believe it!”

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