The Creative Process Behind “If I Had You” by Fred Ross

Fred Ross’s “If I Had You” is a testament to the creative process and the power of collaboration. This track, which has left a lasting impact on listeners, was born out of a deep well of inspiration and hard work. Ross, drawing on his personal experiences and musical influences, embarked on a journey to create a piece of art that would resonate with authenticity and emotion.

In My Mind by Matteo Terzi : A Journey of Self-Discovery and Liberation

Today, we will be diving into one such song – “In My Mind” by Matteo Terzi. This captivating single delves into the complex themes of eating disorders and panic attacks, offering a raw and honest insight into these often misunderstood conditions. As we explore the lyrics and message behind this song, we will embark on a journey of self-discovery, understanding, and ultimately, liberation.

Supa Philly: Spreading Love and Hope Through Music

Supa Philly is a legendary band hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Comprised of former members from renowned groups in the northeastern United States, Supa Philly has made a name for themselves with their engaging and informative music. Their latest release, “Percolate,” and the powerful message they aim to convey is ever present through the tone, music and lyrics. It’s rich with bold and inspiring energy. 

Daily Bread by Korsah is Finding Strength and Hope in Life’s Struggles

“Daily Bread” by Ghana artist Korsah is a captivating song that resonates with individuals facing challenges in life. In a world often dominated by struggles and hardships, “Daily Bread” by Korsah offers a refreshing perspective. It encourages listeners to cherish the present, find strength in adversity, and be grateful for the small blessings in life.

The Journey of Igimèjí: Love, Adventure, and Music

a journey filled with love, adventure, and of course, music. Igimèjí is an exciting band that has been making waves in the music industry with their unique sound and infectious energy. In this post, we’ll dive into the story behind Igimèjí and their latest single, “Crazy (for you?”.

Jet Vesper- Good Times & Tan Lines

Jet Vesper is a fresh new project born with an intimate funky sound. We could say that listening to Jet Vesper is like travelling back in time to 1973 on top of the hills of L.A. from where we can see the sky and the ocean melt together in a haze. A place where we can discover Fujop* while carrying a towel over our shoulder and feeling the warmth of the sunset

Beautiful Things: Ethereal Rock with a Message

Los Angeles ethereal rock band Beautiful Things is back with an exciting new summer single titled ‘Bowing Down’. Drawing influences from bands like The Cranberries, The Cult, and Peter Murphy, Beautiful Things delivers a unique sound that captivates listeners with its dreamy melodies and bold sonic landscapes. In this blog post, we delve into the background of Beautiful Things and explore the themes behind their latest single.