Hope Velayos Releases Debut Single, “Silly Little Pills”

Hope Velayos’ debut single, “Silly Little Pills”, is a powerful and emotional exploration of mental health, self-discovery, and the strength of the human spirit. Through her haunting lyrics and evocative melodies, Velayos invites listeners to join her on a journey towards healing and hope. So take a listen, share the song with your loved ones, and join the movement to bring awareness and understanding to the world of mental health through the power of music.

A Guide to the Trending Summer Music Arrivals of 2023

As the warm sun rays finally touch our skin, and the days become longer, we can’t help but feel the excitement of summer creeping in. With summer comes vibrant music that lifts our moods and sets the tone for the season ahead. In this playlist, we will explore the trending summer music of 2023, from soft and sentimental tunes to upbeat tracks that make us want to dance.