The Exotic Summer Vibes of ‘Nowhere Land’ by Moa Bones 

The combination of warm indie folk sounds and cumbia style percussions creates an exotic summer vibe that is truly unique. The song feels like a warm breeze on a summer evening, transporting the listener to a tropical location. The single is perfectly expressed with a home style video sharing that summer beach feel. It’s a well suited visual to this nostalgic summer tune. 

Moa Bones – Nowhere Land

Music Genre: Indie folk, Pop
Vibe: Exotic with a touch of nostalgia
Located in: Greece
Sounds like: Milky Chance, Gregory Akan Isakov,  Mumford and Sons, George Ezra

“Nowhere Land” by Moa Bones is the 2nd single from the indie folk songwriters new forthcoming album. Warm indie folk banjos and ukuleles blend with cumbia style percussions radiating exotic summer vibes with inspiration from Mumford and Sons and Milky Chance. 


Moa Bones is a multi-instrumentalist, singer songwriter from Athens (GR). Spinning from indie folk to alt rock he has released 3 albums until now, from which his sophomore one, titled “Spun”, was warm welcomed by critics and audience. From that era, his song “Hey” features now on Netflix’s Maestro tv series. 

Moa Bones brand new album, is coming out on October 2023. Recorded during pandemic and lockdowns, it’s his most multi-cultural work so far. Oscillating between guitars and synths, remembrance and longing, the album reflects an existential journey from solitude to unity.

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