The Refusers’ latest single, ‘Propaganda,’ is a new kind of American Anthem

The Refusers’ latest single, ‘Propaganda,’ is an anthem for those who refuse to believe the lies propagated by the media and government. The band’s socially conscious message has sparked controversy and praise, but their diehard fans continue to follow their lead. The Refusers are leading a movement against propaganda and fighting the good fight on behalf of humanity.

About the “Propaganda” music video

“Propaganda” is a well-crafted anthem of dissent. Belkin and Co. have created a tuneful, horn-filled dirge that plays like a clarion call for those who never dig any deeper than what they might hear on the “Alphabet Channels”. And this remarkable synergy of music and social observation is spot on throughout, with no “fake news” included. The virus did have a 99.99 percent survival rate, and the powers that be did prove themselves to be “pseudo scientific fakes.” And it’s become clear to everyone now in retrospect, the shot “never worked in the first place.” Belkin has created an animated visual that entertains throughout with images of the key players in this charade, and it’s done in a tongue-in-cheek way that will appeal to those just now jumping down from the fence onto the side of freedom.

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